It is a cool summer morning; sunlight gently dances upon the river as you cast your fly to a rising fish. Suddenly he grabs your fly– you have just caught your first fish and you are elated!

Do you want to learn how to fly fish? is Idaho’s Premier Fly Fishing & Casting School. Owner, Michael Bantam, an International Federation of Fly Fishers, certified casting instructor has been teaching and guiding fly fishing anglers for 25 years. “Fly-fishing is a journey, and one that never ends, you‘re constantly developing new skills and techniques used to catch fish anywhere in the world. “We want to be part of every fly fishing anglers journey” from the beginner, to intermediate, we have classes designed to get you started fly-fishing with confidence. For the advanced angler we can help develop new casting techniques that are sure to bring new enjoyment to your fly fishing adventures. And speaking of adventures, DreamCast can arrange fly-fishing expeditions to Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon for big brown, rainbow, cutthroat trout, and steelhead, or you can sign up for one of our hosted trip. is here for you no matter your experience and there’s a class for everyone; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and Casting the Spey.

Beginning classes teach students how to select a rod, reel, and fly line, and the essential tools (fly box, flies, leaders, vests, waders, and boots) you need to get started. Then we will develop your casting skills so you can begin your fly-fishing journey.

Our intermediate and advanced classes are on-the-water courses designed to build upon you’re casting skills, and help you develop new fishing techniques.

Casting the “Two-Handed Rod”, commonly called Spey, is an artistic style of casting and swinging steelhead flies on big water and is a coveted activity and growing in popularity. Casting two-hand rods is a journey all in itself. Beginning with the basics we take you through a two-part program designed to answer your questions and get you started on this ultimate journey.

So if you are visiting our wonderful State, or staying in Boise for a few days look us up and take one of our classes or guided trips to the local area. Or if you are interested in becoming a fly-fishing angler come to Boise Idaho and we’ll get you started on your journey. We are sure you will take an experience home with you that will last a lifetime.

About Michael Bantam

At DreamCastIdaho, we know that fly fishing means developing a set of skills, gaining an understanding of the tools, (equipment), and then applying those skills to achieve a desired goal, catching fish. ) For Michael (This is a life long journey and the rewards are endless. My fly-fishing journey began in 1990. What started, for me, as an outdoor activity soon became a passion, a desire to learn more, to develop the skills to catch more fish. My journey soon took me down an unexpected path. A dream was being born, a dream that is now more rewarding than any fish I had ever caught. That dream is to teach others the joy of fly-fishing. is the fulfillment of that dream. Our fly-fishing and casting school is designed to help you get started, to be with you on your journey, and to encourage you along the way. Michael’s passion and dedication has earned him recognition from his peers and students. In 2012, he became an International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor. Today, he continues to hone his skills and help others appreciate the art of casting and fly fishing. He takes pride in the numerous testimonials that students have given him over the years.

To learn more about DreamCast Idaho’s available classes and trips, check out the rest of our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Matt 4:19

My Personal Testimony 

As I grew into this sport, I wanted to know all I could—reading about the masters of fly fishing, learning from their wisdom, experience, following in their footsteps. Yet even then, something was missing. The peace and the passing of time I found fly fishing didn’t follow me into my day-to-day life. Somehow, somewhere, someone introduced me to a book about a man who taught some fishermen.

The title of this book is Basic Introduction Before Leaving Earth. Because I was a fisherman, I wanted to learn all I could, so I began searching for this book. Not finding anyone who knew about this book in the stores, I asked my friend Jim—who was a fisherman—if he knew about it. He laughed and said he would send me a copy. He suggested I read what a Man named John had to say about this Teacher and the other fishermen he taught named Peter, Andrew, and James.

As I began reading this Book, there was a reference to a tree planted by living water and a lake of fire. Well, as a fly fisherman, one certainly sounded like a better place to fish than the other. I read something else about this Man that asked some fishermen to follow Him and He would teach them to be fishers of men.

I remember my early days when I first picked up a fly rod and how difficult it was to figure this activity out on my own. So I gave it up for a while, then trying again, then giving up again. Finally, after several years, I tried again but this time, I went to someone who knew what they were doing. I followed Him around for several years, learning more and more. One day, He said He was leaving and we would not be able to fish here together any more. I asked were He was going, but He said I couldn’t go yet. Going to a place to catch those big fish, I thought.

So I began fishing alone, finding myself in many river situations I wasn’t sure  how to fish. But I remembered what my friend had taught me. Even so, I was losing fly after fly across the river until one day, I decided to go get that fly. I had more flies in my box, but for some reason, that “One” seemed special to me, so I went after it. It was tough going, but when it was back into my fly box, it felt good to me. I was sad when I couldn’t reach one to bring back, no matter how hard I tried. Funny thing happened, though: As I looked for that lost fly, I began finding others. Before I knew it, my fly box was overflowing with new flies, old flies, some rough and tattered, and some broken.

One day, I found this magnificent Tree by the river to have lunch and take a nap. When I woke up, there was my Teacher fishing with other friends of ours along a living river filled with fish. I asked where my friend John was, and my Teacher said, he won’t be fishing with us, he, choose to fish the Lake of Fire.

Life Church

Many fly fishing anglers relate fly fishing to a spiritual journey. My fly-fishing journey has brought me a better understanding of the spiritual journey I am on with Jesus Christ in my daily life. When I am fly-fishing my heart is not troubled, When I present my fly to a fish, I cast my cares unto the Lord. When going to new river to fish we look to reports, and guides, but when faced with a life situation whom do you go to?

This is the church my wife and I go to. If you would like to go with us, please give us a call. We would love to introduce you.

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