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Whether you plan your own destination fly fishing trip or join Michael Bantam in Patagonia on an official DreamCast Adventure, we can help you set up the Fly Fishing trip of your dreams!

If a trip to Argentina is on your fly fishing bucket list, we highly recommend Chalhuaquen Lodge for all their amenities, the view and, of course, the outstanding fishing.

fly-fishing-map-for-argentinaOur next Destination trip to Chalhuaquen Lodge is coming soon and we hope you’ll join us for the Adventure!

About Fly Fishing in Patagonia

We offer unique and all-inclusive services. Our main goal is to bring top pleasure by helping you practice and enjoy fly fishing in an awesome location.

Chalhuaquen puts at its clients’ disposal a professional team of highly qualified fishing guides. The lodge also provides all the equipment and means necessary to successfully achieve beautiful fly fishing days.

All our guides have worked in the area for many years, especially in our Futaleufu river. They’ve all had the honor of working and being taught by the great teacher Guillermo Sagui, who served as our head guide in Chalhuaquen until his last day of fishing and was recognized internationally as one of the most important fishing guides in Patagonia.

You’ll be treated to a blend of floating and wading on area spring creeks, lakes and rivers. Fishing techniques include:

  • Dry Fly

  • Dry-Dropper

  • Streamers

  • Nymphs

About Chalhuaquen Lodge and Accomodations

In the Mapuche language, “Chalhuaquen” means “fishing place.” The lodge is located in the center of natural settings of the Futaleufu River or Grande next to the National Park Los Alerces in the Trevelin Valley, Chubut Province.

This authentic fly fishing lover’s paradise combines its privileged location in the heart of Patagonia with its sophisticated facilities, the quality of its services and the most careful attention.

The lodge’s services include:

  • A full spa with a sauna, Jacuzzi, Scottish shower and personal massages
  • Gourmet restaurant
  • Comfortable, friendly living rooms
  • A bar for enjoying fly-tying and drinks with friends
  • A wet room for changing clothes after a day of fishing

We want to give our fishermen a unique experience. That’s why we personalize every stay and design the fishing packages according to the time of the year as well as the size and expectations of the group.

Created by and for fishermen, Chalhuaquen’s ultimate goal is to give you the most pleasure from an exceptional fly fishing location. Based on that priority, qualified and personalized service provides all you need for a successful fishing season amid a luxury setup.

Because Chalhuaquen’s founders understood the need for relaxation and privacy, the lodge has only six spacious and comfortable double guestrooms. Each has a private bath, and all face the Futaleufu River, with the constant backdrop of the National Park and the Andeans on the horizon.

All rooms have direct access to the river and to our dry room for changing into and out of waders. To complete the perfect fly fishing day, Chalhuaquen Lodge’s chef has the skill to prepare both typical Patagonian dishes and international preferences. Each meal is served in our Dining Room with impeccable presentation as well as the finest Argentinian wines.

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