We are pleased you have chosen DreamCastIdaho.com to begin your fly-fishing journey. Classes are designed to give you the knowledge to select your equipment, and develop casting skills to get you started while continuing to developing your skills in our follow up classes. No matter where you are on your fly-fishing journey, we have a program just for you. 

My name is Michael L. Bantam; I will be your instructor, I am looking forward to being part of your journey.


Michael is a International Federation of Fly Fishers, Certified Casting Instructor.
Licensed Oregon/Idaho Guide – Bonded – Insured


Introduction to Fly-Fishing Class ($25)

This class introduces you to the equipment, gear, essentials, and casting basics to get you started on our fly fishing journey.

Course Description: A 2 hour class that helps you answer the many questions you have before selecting and purchasing your first fly rod, reel, and fly fishing essentials. We will help you develop a basic casting foundation so you can get started on your own, or continue through our fly-fishing & casting classes.

Class Fees: $25.00  Click Here schedule for times, dates, locations, and to register.

Beginning Fly-Fishing & Casting Class ($75)

The next step on your fly-fishing journey is developing a better understanding of the fly rod, reel, line choices, knots, flies, and casting techniques. 

Course Description: A 6 hour class designed to give you the basic skills and the first real application of the equipment and how to use your gear to catch fish. If you don’t have equipment for this class we provide all you will need. You might even want to check out our signature Rod and Reel Kit.  

Class covers fly rod designs, lengths, weights, fly rod actions, and their applications. Reel function and selection. Selecting the right fly line, understanding leaders, tippets, and how to select the right one? Fly fishing flies, dry flies, nymphs, streamers, terrestrials, and basic knots used in fly fishing. In casting the fly rod you will develop the casting techniques used to cast your fly to close and distant fish, and how to change direction to the right and left. 

Class Fees: $75.00 – Click here to schedule for times, dates, and to register.

Intermediate Fly-Fishing & Casting ($85)

This workshop takes you beyond the casting basics and develops presentation techniques used to catch fish. While the selection of your fly is important, it is more so that the presentation of your fly mimics the natural insect the fish sees at the end of your cast. 

Course Description:

This workshop is a 4 hour, on the water skills building course designed to improve your casting, and presentation skills, line management, and mending techniques taught in a real life environment to help you catch more fish.

In “Faults & Fixes”, we will help fine tune your casting technique. We’ll discuss fishing two flies, leaders, tippets, knots, and how to set them up to fish Dry Flies, Nymph’s, and Streamer’s,.

On the water you will develop four primary casting skills to present your fly upstream, downstream, cross current, and the line management techniques used to fish dry flies, nymph’s, and streamer.

Class Fees: $85 – Click here to schedule for times, date, locations, and to register.

Casting The Spey ($200)

Commonly called Spey, this artistic style of casting and swinging steelhead flies on big water is a coveted activity and growing in popularity. Casting two-hand rods is a journey all in itself.

Course Description:

 In “Casting the Spey” part one; we introduce you to the equipment, line choices, their applications and casting differences while developing the underhand casting techniques. Part two adds the element of water as we build upon the foundational casts learned in Part one. All equipment is provided for the workshop. 

Session 1.
The Basics.
Three principals of the spey cast.          

1. The “D” Loop.
2. Anchor point.
3. 180- Degree Principle.

– Setting up the cast. The Grip & Stance.

1. The Forward Stroke.
2. Switch Cast.
3. Roll Cast
4. Right hand / Left hand Cast.

Session 2.

– Principal Spey Casts.
Each participant will be instructed through each of these casts.

1. The Single Spey.
2. The Double Spey.
3. Snake Roll.
4. Snap “T”.
5. Circle “C”.


– Changing Hands.       
Learning to cast right hand stream, and left hand stream conditions.

1. Down Stream, Down Wind, “D” loops.
2. Angle changes.
3. Casting in tight places.

Class Fees: $200 Click here to schedule for times, dates, locations, and to register.


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