“Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and instruction during the Intermediate Casting Class on May 5th this year. Your instructions and teaching style have given me the long awaited confidence to finally go out and fish a stream while actually fly casting. The class was a great experience for me and for the manner in which you made a ‘newbie’ feel welcome, regardless of my lack of fly casting experience.

Thanks so much for allowing me to attend the Intermediate Casting Class. Hopefully, I can take you up on your offer to fish with you one day….. I think that we’d have a blast.”
Ken Zoss

“Dear DreamCast Idaho,

Thanks for all your help during the Beginning Fly Fishing Class. I feel much more confident now getting out on the river. I recommend this class to anyone who has been interested in learning how to fly fish but is unsure of just where to begin. Michael is a friendly, knowledgeable instructor and offers a very accessible, user friendly beginners class.”

Thanks again,

“Greg, hope you are doing great! Michael at DreamCastIdaho.com passed on your email about you and your daughter looking for a guide the week of July 25. If you have never fly-fished or you think you need a brush up (the Owyhee is pretty technical in terms of dead drifting dry flies) Michael is a great teacher. I can help you on the river but I am not in the same league as Michael when it comes to teaching. Check out his website, testimonials, and class rates etc. and let me know if it will work. I appreciate you considering me.”
Dan Bokenkamp

“Michael, great class- really enjoyed it. Will look forward to intermediate class in the future.”

Thank you,

“Michael’s classes are worth their modest fee. You will come away with more than you can possibly remember or assimilate right away. No way can he eliminate the learning curve, but he will help you improve from where you are and plant plenty of seeds for future growth. He’s a ‘Fly Fisherman’ — he’ll help you out. Take advantage of it!”
Randy Kalisek

“Thanks for a great time yesterday. You and Dan did an excellent job ensuring that we had a great day and…..caught lots of BIG fish!!

You guys did an outstanding job getting us into fish, were professional and absolute gentleman. Lunch was awesome.

We plan on making this our annual event…at the least.

Please feel free to forward this letter on to Dan.

I would recommend a fishing trip to the Owyhee.”
Dick Corolewski


Thanks for a great beginning class on Saturday. Without your help, I would have been tangled up in knots on the riverbank with a hook through my ear, swearing up a storm. Your infectious enthusiasm for the sport made learning fun and created a hunger for more knowledge. I now have the confidence and understanding to not only outfit myself, but to develop my techniques properly instead of creating bad habits. The incremental steps of your instruction gave me a solid foundation on which to build my fly fishing journey. Thanks to you, I’m looking forward to many enjoyable hours on the river and your intermediate class. You’re a great teacher!”

Thanks again,
Jeff Tanner

“Ivan and I took your beginner’s class last Saturday and had a blast! You are a great teacher and the workshop format was ideal for teaching us the hands-on skill of casting, the theory behind the art, and selection of equipment. By the end of the day we felt as though we really could go fishing – so we did, the next day. Guess what? Ivan caught 2 fish his first day out!!

Thanks for your patience and generous sharing of knowledge!”
Crista & Ivan

“Mike, I wanted to thank you again,,, I attended your class today 3/23/13,,,, excellent class you made understanding fly fishing easier, explained things very good. I have a much better idea about fly fishing,,, gong to practice a lot and am looking forward to hitting the rivers and lakes…thanks again,,,, I will tell as many people as I can about your class ..”
Tony Paladini

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the instruction offered me in the Intermediate Casting Class a week ago. The manner that you teach and the attention to detail with individual students, truly sets your class above the rest. I was somewhat gun shy to attend the class due to my lack of Fly casting experience. But that all changed shortly after the class began. You have a unique ability to adjust your teaching style to fit the individual student. The entire time I was in the class, I was constantly learning new fly casting techniques, even while you were giving instructions to the others. Michael, I have to thank you for your time, effort, and patience during the class. For me, this is the first time that I can honestly attempt to fish a stream with confidence. Your class instruction will allow me now to enjoy my time on the water while fly casting, and more importantly to take in the full experience of the day. Hopefully we’ll have chance to fish together one day.”

We had a great time on Owyhee river. This was some great father/son time! We both learned a tremendous amount about fly fishing from you. I would recommend to anyone of any skill level, that if they are interested in fly fishing they start in one of your courses and book you as a guide. There is nothing that makes a day of fishing better than having a knowledgeable guide, great equipment and a great attitude.”
Brice Franklin

“I attended class on April 14, 2013. I want to thank Michael for the way he conducted the class by learning knot tying first then
practicing casting on the grass before casting on the river for over two hours. The 4+ hours went so fast. There were 4 of us in the class and Michael spent a considerable amount of time with each of us teaching different techniques. He is very knowledgeable and always addresses our concerns so we all learn from each other. Michael is also very patient and truly wants us to learn and enjoy fishing and casting like he does. To me Michael meets the definition of a
“Fisherman!” I am anxious to use the techniques I learned and highly
recommend his intermediate class to anyone who has the basic knowledge
of fly casting. ”
Gary Wickam


I really enjoyed the intermediate class today. I learned considerable new information and a whole new set of skills to develop and deploy. I didn’t come prepared for tipping as I really didn’t think my class would be a one on one session. I certainly got more than my monies worth. I will spread the word and get you some more students. You will see me again for Spey casting after I develop some the lessons learned today.

Again, Thank you so much for your time!!”

“Michael, I was in your beginning fly fishing class at Cabela’s today. Big bald guy with a cane….yeah, I knew you’d remember me! I’d like to get to know you better, not just for fly fishing, but because we share a common faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for a great class.”

Michael Bantam brings a highly skilled knowledge of what he loves to do, fly-fish! Michael’s professionalism with not only the know-how but the true meaning of why we love to fish. He demonstrated a genre of techniques at our WFFI general meeting with the spey rod program. Michael also gave 110% of excellence on the basic fly fishing instruction during the WFFI Annual Beginners Spring Workshop and VA Healing Waters Project. We really enjoy his true love of the sport and the people he instructs. The WFFI group looks forward to having him visit again soon! Judy Tallada, President of Women Fly Fishers of Idaho.

I sort of met you in passing today at Cabelas. I was blessed to be in line with a friend of yours and you gave me a card. It felt it was providential because was learning things from him and it certainly made the long wait go by. Late tonight (11:00), I looked up your website – a better blessing! You have a very enjoyable and enviable calling! I am an untried beginner, only wet a fly line once.
Hopefully, I will be able to take a lesson later some time. In the meantime, I will look over your videos, learn some things this winter, and pass website on to friends.

Grace and peace in the name of our Lord,”
Steve Barry

YouTube Service Fly Fishing Knots, The Sixteen-Twenty Knot:
Thanks a million. I just set up my first fly rod and reel using your knots and your instruction. You have done great with these videos, leaving no questions and making them very clear and simple. Thanks again, now Im off to practice my casting!

YouTube ServiceFly Fishing Knots, Nail Knot tied with Nail and Perfection loop.: 
man that was sweet! My problem is I can’t see anything as small as my tippet anymore. Great video!! YouTube Service Fishing

Knots, The Perfection Loop, Leader Loop Connector.: 
Great job..I am a new fly fisherman and this has been an issue..Thank you

YouTube Service Fishing Knots, The Albright Knot. Backing to Fly Line.:
Great work. Clearly explained and rendered. Thank you.

YouTube Service Fishing Knots, Nail Knot tied with Tube.:
Best video for the tubed nail knot!! thank you very much!!

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